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17. Common Problems and Suggestions

ls /coda fails

If the return code is either "Invalid Argument" or "No Device", venus was probably restarted recently and hasnt yet finished initializing. Solution: Wait a few minutes a try again.

Newly created volume is

If a newly created volume, when mounted dangling linkfor the first time, shows up as a dangling symbolic link (it looks inconsistent), the problem is that new databases have not been distributed to the other replication sites. Solution: Unmount the volume, wait five minutes and try again. You'll have to reinitialize the venus which failed to find the volume, since vldb information cant be flushed.

Venus Fails on Startup with

There exists a process with an reference to a file in /coda. Its "unable to unmount" messageeither a running process cd-ed into /coda To solve the problem, either get the process out of /coda (in case its a shell) or kill it the process. If you cant find the right process rebooting the workstation should clear it up.

Venus error messages fail to print on console window of window manager

Use the -console filename option to startcodav on startup. This will force stderr messages to print to the specified file. Use tail -f filename in a window to observe any error messages.

Rvm gets Trashed

ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT If Rvm gets trashed -- it asserts, wont recover, there are many failures on salvage, dumpvm fails -- there are probably serious venus or srv bugs which must be fixed. Talk to Coda experts before continuing!!!

Performing the following actions will result in the loss of ALL Coda file system data.

Reinitializing the RVM Data segment (i.e. with rdsinit) Reinitializing the RVM Log (i.e. with rvmutl) Rewriting or trashing the file containing the Log or Data segment.

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