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Background of Basic Information Security Management Policy

Our company was incorporated at the beginning of the internet age, and has grown with the internet service as our core business. On the basis of our long experience, we have accumulated rich know-how and become capable of providing high level Information Technology. We are now providing reliable and ideal internet service with "confidentiality, integrity, and availability".
In spite of its convenience, Network Society is facing high security risks. At our Network Operations Center, we strongly recognize the importance of secure protection of the servers and information we keep on behalf of our customers, and we operate our information security management system in order to protect the facilities, equipment and information at our datacenter from all kinds of risks.
We hereby define our information security management policy as below in order to strictly protect our information resources from "confidentiality, integrity, and availability" aspects.
Given below are specific measures we will take in order not only to respond to our customer's expectation, but to become a reliable business partner who provide internet datacenter services.

Basic Information Security Management Policy

  1. We will maintain the order of information service provider's business, and enforce appropriate security measures to protect information resources and customer's information from various security risks and system troubles.
  2. We will operate all the facilities of our Network Operations Center in accordance with this security policy. This security policy will be reviewed and improved as necessary in accordance with the changes of business, work environment, state of society, etc.
  3. We will enforce management measures to avoid any damage caused by unauthorized access to, or destruction, alteration, loss, or system troubles of important information, facilities or equipment concering either our business operations or customer's asset we are entrusted with. We will also reinforce our physical and technical security.
  4. In the unlikely event of security troubles, we will promptly investigate the cause, minimize the damage, and in parallel upgrade the security level.
  5. We will have our employees recognize the importance of information security, become sensitive about security, and appropriately use the information, facilities and equipment, by clearly specifying the principles valuing information security. When employees violate the rules or guidelines they are expected to follow, we will penalize them in accordance with our Work Rules.
  6. By continuing the above activities on an on-going basis, we will establish information management system which enables us to face and counteract new risks.

ISO27001 Authentication Standard

We acquired ISO27001 as a proof of a sincere approach on information securities.

  • October 2004 : Obtained certification of ISMS(Ver.2.0) / BS7799-2:2002
  • December 2006 : Transferred to JIS Q 27001:2006 / ISO/IEC27001:2005
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