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Software Product Division Package Software Development Engineer

Participation in development of our package software products, including "Spamghetti" (released in 1999) the mail filtering system, adopted by the leading mobile companies and Internet service providers, and "Logstorage" (released in 2001) the integrated log management system, which had a major take off after the enforcement of the Personal Information Protection Law.

Job description Development and customization of packaged software ("Logstorage").
Application requirements
/ qualifications
Experience in development with Java or C
Technical skills
/ experience
  1. Experience and knowledge of the databases, such as Oracle
  2. Experience and knowledge of open source systems, such as Linux
  3. Experience in development of packaged software, or similar
  4. Experience negotiating with customers
  5. Experience in upstream development processes, such as creating written specifications
    * Experience is not a requirement, provided the applicant is eager for learning new technologies and is self-motivated
  6. Challenging spirit to create a one-of-a-kind product
  7. Those wanting to work closely with customers to continuously enhance the product
Work division Software Product Division, Development Group

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