Mid-career Recruitment Information

Application Procedures

Please submit your resume (any format) by filling out the web form (see "Applying from Home Page" section) or by post (see "Applying by Post" section).

Applying from Home Page

Click the button below to display the entry form. Fill-in the appropriate form fields and attach your resume and/or work experience sheet.


Applying by Post

Please send your resume to the address below.

To : Infoscience Corporation HR Group
Address : Infoscience Bldg, 2-4-1, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023 Japan

Privacy Policy Related to All Application Documents

  1. Managed in accordance with our Private Information Protection Policy.
  2. Will not be used for any other purpose other than recruitment selection procedures.
  3. In case of refusal of employment, all information will be disposed of within 1 month.
    (Please request in advance if you wish your documents to be returned to you)
  4. Our HR department will be responsible for managing all private information.
  5. Will not be disclosed to third party.
  6. You may wish not disclose some of your private information, however, this may mean that we will be unable to conduct the selection process accurately or be unable to notify you of the result.

Infoscience Corporation
HR Group

Selection Process


Apply to one of the available vacancies from the job description list.

* Please make sure to fill-in your e-mail address and the desired vacancy type in your resume.

Selection will be conducted based on the contents of your submission.

* You will be contacted by e-mail within a week of the submission, by our HR staff.
Interview scheduling

Our HR staff will schedule your interview time and date by e-mail.

* We may ask you to provide several possibilities for the dates, to find most suitable dates for all applicants.
First interview

Your first interview will be conducted.

* We may ask you to come for a secondary interview
* You will be informed of the result within about a week (there may be difference in number of days depending on the division of application)
Final interview

Final interview with the CEO will be conducted.

* You will be informed of the result within about a week