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Development and Sale of Software Products

Infoscience provides software products for systems operations. The tools we found necessary in our daily system-operation jobs were, in reality, totally new to the market, and therefore we developed them into products. The products were very favorably accepted by many customers.
Both the mail filtering system and log management system were developed when there were no such products in the market. Today, the importance of compliance, internal control, protection of personal information, and prevention of compromise is stressed, and the products that Infoscience developed in a completely new category are well accepted as meeting the needs of the time.

Unifies Collection and Management
of all Logs of the System

"Logstorage" is a consolidated log management system.
"Logstorage" collectively gathers and uniformly manages logs that PCs, servers, networking equipment, etc. emit, regardless of the kind of equipment or applications. It outputs regular reports automatically and presents them visually, and enables us to analyze the reports.