Entrusted System Development

Our system development teams, who are well versed with a wide range of technologies, will develop the best fitted system in consultation with the customer on their IT needs. Infoscience will make full use of open source components in developing systems. As these resources are provided for free, unlike other software products made available by various vendors, the customers are able to reduce their costs to a large extent. Also as open sources are common to the world, customers can enjoy non-vendor-dependent technical support for a long period of time.
Infoscience has a successful track record of more than 10 years in utilizing open source.

Mobile Contents Solution
Providing Total Support for Building Mobile Sites and their Operation

Infoscience has developed and operated more than 100 mobile contents sites. Through this experience, we have accumulated various tools and common functions for development and operation of those sites. This enables us to release mobile contents in an efficient manner. Needless to say, we can build official sites for all domestic carriers.

Unrivaled Open Source Utilization Knowledge

Since 1995, Infoscience has used Linux, and provided system development and operation service for various enterprises. We are a pioneer in utilizing open source for business solutions, and our open source technology is unrivaled. As the result of evaluation and utilization of open source for a long time, we have accumulated an enormous amount of technical information. We provide this information for open source engineers at our web site (Japanese only). The information provided includes a wide variety of technical information such as an explanation of Struts, Japanese translations of Apache documentation, the official Japanese sites of OpenSSL and SSLeay, the Japanese site of ProFTPD, Majordomo related information, etc. and is very highly regarded.