Examples of DxD Solutions

Insurance and  
related Business :
  • Policy Maintenance System for a major insurance company
  • EAP system for a Health Insurance Society
  • Call Center System on the Web
  • EAP Counseling system
On-Line Shopping and  
related Business :
  • Internet shopping service for a major catalog shipper
  • Internet shopping service for a listed Mail-Order company
  • On-Line shopping service for a major Musical Instrument store
  • On-Line shopping site for digital contents
Mobile Contents and  
related products :
  • Over 100 official sites (for all domestic carriers and more than 3 million members)
  • Ringing Melody and Song site collaborating with a partner
  • On-Line Game site
  • Motor-Sports related site
  • Character related site
  • Sales Promotion site for retailers such as delivering mail magazines, issuing purchase coupon, etc.
  • On-Line Shopping site for mobile phones
Research Studies, etc. :
  • Electronic Ordering System for Radioactive Medicines, Electronic Ordering System for Radioactive Products for Research (Japan Radioisotope Association)
  • Pharmaceuticals Searching System "My Drug" (Nifty/Biglobe)
  • Clinical Trial Information Service
  • Pharmaceutical Information Portal Site
Logistics related Business :
  • Mission-Critical Business System using the Web (Order Management, Customer Management, Stock Control, SFA, etc.)
Credit Company, etc. :
  • Price-Competitive Overseas VoIP Telephone System for Credit Card Members
  • Digital Catalog Service for Mileage Program
Education, etc. :
  • Support site for Translators
  • Web-Based Training Service under Certified Pharmacist Program
Information Provision  
Service, etc. :
  • Recruiting site/Applicant Management System
  • Ethical Drug Package Insert Searching Service for Healthcare Professionals
  • Information Provision Service for Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan
  • Used Car Information Service
  • Plastic Surgery Simulation System for a major Plastic Surgery Clinic
  • Nation-Wide Horse Racing Information Service
Communication Site, etc. :
  • Communication Site using SNS, and Blog
Others :
  • Internet Game Site
  • Internet English Conversation Service