Managed System Operation

Our datacenter is located in the Infoscience building and is equipped with high level security, functionality and maneuverability. We provide for all customers with high level and uniform operation support.
Infoscience is totally responsible for the management and operation of all facilities and equipment in the Datacenter including customers' servers. On behalf of customers, we procure servers and set them up for operation. We monitor the operation of servers 24 hours, 7 days a week, and quickly recover the servers in case of failure.
This operation service is filled with Infoscience's know-how, accumulated since its inauguration.

Obtained Information Security Management Certificate
Pioneering Japan's IT Industry


In 2004, Infoscience obtained information security management certification; Japan specific certification of ISMS Ver.2.0 (Registration No. I028-1), and British Standards (virtual International Standards) BS7799-2 (Registration No. I028). In December 2006, the certification was changed to ISO/ICE 27001 (Registration No. I028).

System Integration Service
From Designing to Integration, Provided by Team Collaboration

First, Infoscience begins with defining the purpose of developing systems, and analyzes the user requirements. Once specifications have been defined, we select the servers and network that best fit the user's requirements from among the equipment we can rely on based on our experience. This equipment will be placed in our Network Operations Center (datacenter) in compliance with the customer's information security requirements.

Failure Reporting System
That Realized "Visualization" of Information to Customer

Upon detecting failure, our engineers promptly analyze the cause and recover the system. Alert Information System (AIS) which we developed in-house enables the customer to confirm how the failure is handled from the customer's mobile phone or PC in real time. We can also notify the customer of the failure by e-mail.

Mail Filtering ASP Service
Automatically Eliminates Unnecessary E-Mail

Spamghetti ASP

Infoscience makes Mail Filtering System available using its own packaged product, Spamghetti. We provide mail filtering functions, such as preventing virus infection, eliminating unnecessary e-mail, etc. for the customers who leave their e-mail servers with us.

Network Operations Center (Datacenter)
With State-of-the-art Crisis Management Features

In order to run the customer's systems day and night, we own all necessary facilities and equipment. The facility is called the Network Operations Center. It is located in our building. Our building is fire and earthquake resistant, and is fully prepared for disasters. 24/7 disaster detection, detection of unauthorized incursion, multi-layer access control using IC card and fingerprint authentication, electric power supply back-up by large UPS and emergency power generator, automatic fire extinction by inert gas, etc. are main features of our crisis management, which are the countermeasures that only engineers well versed with systems development and operation can think of.

Unrivaled Open Source Utilization Knowledge

Since 1995, Infoscience has used Linux, and provided system development and operation service for various enterprises. We are a pioneer in utilizing open source for business solutions, and our open source technology is unrivaled. As the result of evaluation and utilization of open source for a long time, we have accumulated an enormous amount of technical information. We provide this information for open source engineers at our web site (Japanese only). The information provided includes a wide variety of technical information such as an explanation of Struts, Japanese translations of Apache documentation, the official Japanese sites of OpenSSL and SSLeay, the Japanese site of ProFTPD, Majordomo related information, etc. and is very highly regarded.