Infoscience firmly sticks to System Operation

In 1995, Infoscience started our business by providing Internet Server Operation services, and we still deliver the same services today. It is because we strongly sensed the importance of server operations in the Internet. We often face the reality that the software developed by software houses cannot be put into operation smoothly, or that all the functions the tool has are not necessarily utilized by the customer. Both hardware and software are meaningful only when they are utilized. In addition to the best utilization of Open Sources and the Internet, providing server operation services was the starting point of Infoscience.
It is difficult to foresee years ahead under the age of change and innovation. Likewise we can say that it is impossible to develop an ideal information system predicting the future image of the system in the Internet. It would be ideal if we could take the customer's needs that change as time passes into the system as the customer uses it. At Infoscience, where we are entrusted with system operations responsibilities, we are able to improve the system by adding or changing the functions in response to the changing needs of the customer's business.
"DxD Solution" --- which is the consolidated service of system development and operation --- is a service analogous to growing a tree even after it bears fruit. The information system will progress when the development and operation run like two wheels. Infoscience will build up long and trustworthy relationship with customers, rigidly sticking to providing operation services.

Management and Service Provision Style that never changes since Incorporation.

We do not continue to pursue mere dream or idea, but technology, speed and trust with obstinacy for the satisfaction of our customers. We are stubbornly and honestly looking for high level technology that helps satisfy our customers' needs, and this stance does not change since the inauguration of our company until today. Technology company should not be affected by any judgment criteria other than technology itself ..... This is the philosophy of Infoscience since the inception of our business.

In order not only to maintain consistent management philosophy but also to provide stable service, all the shares of the company are held only by the founder, and we do not intend to go public or to be listed on the Stock Exchange. On the other hand, we stubbornly stick to our technology or infrastructure. The reason why we have our own building is because we need to open our Datacenter there, provide complete service from development to operations in our own facility, and thereby establish a business that bears positive spirals.

We, on the basis of technology, speed, and trust, continue to evolve in a straightforward and steady manner.